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Simona Winkler-Fishyan, *5.3.1993 lives and works in Zurich. Her work as an artist and art educator is based on the firm belief that art experiences significantly contribute to a sustainable way of living together. Her paintings, drawings and participatory art projects therefore explore various aspects of ecosystem resilience. Together with diverse cooperation and funding partners, Simona Winkler-Fishyan realizes projects in multifaceted cultural and (inter)disciplinary contexts.





2024     Master‘s degree in Fine Arts, Zurich University of the                 Arts 


2022     SVEB 1-3, Adult Education Teaching degree, Zurich                   University of the Arts


2022     Bachelor‘s degree in Aesthetic Education and                               Socioculture, Zurich University of the Arts


2019     Bachelor‘s degree in Art and Media, Zurich                                    University of the Arts 




Grants and Funding


2023     Project funding Ecosystem Assemblages, Cassinelli                   Vogel Foundation Zurich. More information about                     the project can be found here.                                         


2023     Project funding Ecosystem Assemblages, Arte Terra                  Clima Foundation Zurich. More information about                     the project can be found here. 


2022     Grant for the solo exhibition Melting Point, Dr. Adolf                 Sträuli Stiftung Horgen 


2022     Project funding of the publication ALLY - Nurturing                  Women Kinship in the Arts, Ծիրան եւ նուռ - Apricot                  and Pomegranate, Dossier Internationales, Zurich                      University of the Arts. More information about                            the project can be found here


2021     Grant for a Work and Research Residency in                                Armenia, Boner Foundation for Art and Culture                          Chur 


2018     Recidency with exhibition “ Artists Paint in Zurich‘s                    Public Baths” at Max Frisch Kunstbad Zurich






2022     Art Collection City of Zurich


2019 -  Various private collections

For more projects visit



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